Attention: You must have Adobe reader installed on your computer before you can download any of our forms.

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How to download Passport Application Forms?
If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer,  install one NOW, From the home page,  Move the mouse on Immigration,  then Click on Fees and Forms, or Click here, Choose the type of passport application you require. Example: Reissue (after 10 years),  and Click, In the first column of the Passport table and under the "Type of Passport Request" Select the type you require., Follow the line toward your right,  under the caption "Requirements and Guidelines" Click Download Requirements and Forms. (The process will start),
Q. How do I know my passport has expired?,
A. When your passport is over ten years old.,
Q. Do I need a new passport each time I travel?,
A. You must always have a valid and current passport – that is to say,  the passport is not over ten years old.,
Q. I have heard of people renewing their passports after 5 years,  is this correct?,
A. Yes. Nigerian Passport are renewed after 5 years and for another 5 years from the date of first issue,  making a total validity period of a maximum of 10 years.,
How to download Visa Application Forms?
If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer,  install one NOW!, Go to the homepage www.immigration.gov.ng then Click on Fees and Forms. Scroll to the second table towards the bottom of the page., Choose the type of visa application you require. Example: STR,  and Click, In the first column of the Passport table and under the "Type of Visa" Select the type you require., Follow the line toward your right,  under the caption "Download Form" Click download. (The process will start), Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Nigeria?, A. All visitors to Nigeria with the exception of Nigeria passport holders require entry visas to Nigeria. Citizens of ECOWAS countries do not require visas,  if they are not staying in Nigeria beyond 90 days.,
Q. I am a Nigerian by birth and naturalisation,  but do not hold a Nigerian passport. Do I still need a visa to Nigeria?,
A. Yes,  you do.,
Q. Do I have to pay for my visa?,
A. There is a fee for entry visa,  please visit our website for appropriate fees.,
Q. Do children require visa for Nigeria?,
A. All children with the exception of those holding Nigeria passports require visas.,
Q. I am visiting Nigeria for holidays,  do I need to take insurance cover?,
A. It is advisable to take insurance cover as Nigeria does not have reciprocal agreement for insurance with the UK.,
Q. What immunisations will I need for Nigeria?,
A. Generally,  the main ones are yellow fever,  cholera,  hepatitis- A&B,  tetanus,  diphtheria and polio. Your doctor or medical centre would be most appropriate to advise you., How to make Online Payment ( For ePassport ONLY. Check appropriate requirements before making payment.), If you satisfy requirements for ePassport,  go to the Nigeria Immigration Service website www.immigration.gov.ng to fill form and make your payment., Follow the online instructions to complete your payments., Attention: After completing the payment process, wait for a minimum of 30 minutes then go back to: www.immigration.gov.ng to check your interview date and print out your Payment Confirm document.
To do this,  log on to www.immigration.gov.ng. Under Application,  Click on Query Your Application Payment Status,  In front of Application,  select Passport Type,  Type in your Application Id,  Type in your Reference No,  then Click on Search Record. If your payment has been approved by the Nigeria Immigration Service,  you will see your interview date and Payment Confirm at the bottom of the page. Click on Print Receipt. Bring along this receipt along with a filled and printed copy of your apllication form and the Acknowledgement page to the High Commission .


Nigeria High Commission
70 Shenton Way, #08-01, EON Shenton, Singapore 079118. Tel (65) 67321743, (65) 6226350, FAX (65) 67321742

Telephone: (+65) 67321743, (+65) 62216350
Fax: (65) 67321742
E-mail: Nigeria.Singapore@foreignaffairs.gov.ng, admin@nigeriahc.sg
Website: www.nigeriahc.sg

Opening Hours:
9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Working Hours:
Monday – Friday

The High Commission is closed on Weekends, Nigerian and Singaporean Public Holidays.


Submission of Visa Application:

Monday & Tuesday (10.30 A.M. – 12.30 P.M.)

Collection of Visa:

For Visa Applications submitted on Monday, collection is on Wednesday (2.00 P.M. – 4.00 P.M.) For Visa Applications submitted on Tuesday, collection is on Thursday (2.00 P.M. – 4.00 P.M.) Note: There will be no submission of Visa Applications on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Emergency Tel Nos to Contact:
(strictly for EMERGENCIES ONLY)