Bilateral Relations between Nigeria and Singapore




Nigeria and Singapore maintain excellent relations and have supported each other in the international fora since their attainment of independence in 1960 and 1965 respectively. The establishment of Diplomatic Mission in Singapore by the Nigerian government in 2000 and the appointment of Singapore High Commissioner (Non resident) to Nigeria since 2007 are some of the manifestations of the growing interest between the two countries. As should be expected, the volume of trade is continuously expanding between our two countries and greater avenues are constantly being created to mutually benefit from the areas of strength of each other. This must have informed the strong trade delegation the Minister of State for Trade and Industry Mr. Lee Yi Shyan led to Nigeria October 2009. The tripartite delegation of IE Singapore, Business Federation of Singapore and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce witnessed the landmark MOU between Pacific International Lines (PIL) and the PIL Nigeria to jointly develop a multibillion dollar Inland Container Bonded Depot in Nigeria. The large participation of Nigerians and Nigerian businesses at two recent major investment and trade seminars on Africa/Asia, Africa/Singapore respectively is a further manifestation of this interest. And riding on the back of these, IE Singapore has already scheduled another exclusive expo on Nigeria for the end of October, 2010.

Of note among the various levels of government and institutions from Nigeria taking advantage of this growing bilateral relation is the Lagos State Government whose Deputy Governor was in Singapore in July to conclude an MOU with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). The governments of Delta State, Jigawa State and Rivers State are also in collaboration with several Singapore institutions in the areas of education and Industrial Park development. Mention must also be made of the several public servants from Nigeria who continue to enjoy capacity training in leadership and governance provided under the Singapore Cooperation Programme for Technical Assistance (SCPTA).

The two countries are also committed to the early conclusion of all pending draft agreements such as those on Bilateral Air Services, Avoidance of Double Taxation, Bilateral Co-operation in the Field of Education, Economic Scientific, Culture and Tourism.



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